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Internet Marketing Unwrapped with Heather Vale

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The Internet's Toughest Interviewer
Grills the World's Biggest Marketing Giants to Extract Their Closely-Guarded
Money-Making Secrets!

"Give Me One Hour and You'll Discover the Profit-Pulling
Tricks and Tactics You Need to Become a Bigger Online
Success Than You've Ever Dreamed Possible... "

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"Heather is the first interviewer to have ever caught me off guard. She has a razor sharp mind and a demeanor that could make her the next Barbara Walters."

Mark Joyner, Godfather of Internet Marketing, #1 Best-Selling Author of "The Great Formula"


  • David Garfinkel - Powerful Sales-Pulling Copywriting Tactics
  • Tim Knox - Multiple Streams of Online Income
  • Yanik Silver - Info-Product Creation and Public Domain Profits
  • Rosalind Gardner - Becoming a Super Affiliate
  • Josh Anderson - High-Tech Audio and Video Product Creation
  • Jay Conrad Levinson - Guerrilla Marketing for Big Success on a Small Budget
  • Paul Colligan - Becoming a Star with Profitable Podcasting
  • Todd Gross and Derrick VanDyke - Squeeze Page Videos
  • Harris Fellman - Massive JVs and Winning the Internet Marketing Game
  • Willie Crawford - Profitting from Super-Taretted Niche Sites
  • Lou D'Alo - Making Money from your Easy Chair with Teleseminar Fortunes
  • Joshua Shafran - Net Profits on Demand to Build Your Online Empire Fast
  • Jason James - Residual Income Through Membership Riches
  • Joel Christopher and Ian Del Carmen - Building a Master List
  • Derek Gehl - Marketing Your Business Online
  • Mike Filsaime - Viral Marketing to Create a Buzz and Generate Fre Traffic
  • Ben Mack - Thinking Two Sales Ahead for Bigger Profits
  • Ed Forteau - Huge Income from a Small Opt-in List
  • Perry Marshall - Pay Per Click Marketing for Targetted Traffic
  • Michel Fortin - New Techniques for Powerful and Profitable Copywriting
  • Jeff Walker - Product Launch Secrets for High Impact and Big Profit
  • Scott Paton - Blogging and Podcasting for SEO and Positioning
  • Dave Lovelace - Info Product Creation and Joint Ventures
  • Joel Comm - Passive Income From Google AdSense
  • Adam Ginsberg - Becoming an eBay Power Seller
  • David Vallieres - Powerful Email Marketing and List Building
  • Armand Morin - The Future of Internet Marketing
  • Michael Cheney - Getting High Quality Targetted Traffic

    PLUS More Live Guests Added Regularly

"Heather is an astonishing host. Her questions are brilliant
and to the point, her interest is high and passionate. I've been interviewed thousands of times but rarely by someone
with such energy, skill and heart."

Dr. Joe Vitale, Hypnotic Copywriting Guru, Author, "Life's Missing Instruction Manual" and "The Attractor Factor"

Join The Internet InterviewerHeather Vale as she pulls out all the stops and draws on her background in broadcast journalism to ask the tough questions and get the powerful answers on Internet Marketing Unwrapped, the Tele-Show that combines the best of free Teleseminars and a Prime Time Radio Talk Show!

Listen in to the Web's Top Marketing Gurus, be on the front line to success as you listen in to their deepest, most prized secrets, and ask YOUR most pressing questions by print or in live calls to discover what keys you've been missing!
Internet Interviewer Heather Vale
Start Unwrapping a higher level of Online Success today by taking part in this revolutionary series with the world's top Internet Marketing experts for FREE! Heather Vale
"The Internet Interviewer"

"Heather is a delightful and perceptive interviewer. I have to admit that she got me to talk about things in public no other interviewer ever has -- and I'll have you know I have been featured in the National Enquirer! But her questions weren't of the exposé type. They were imaginative, specific and evocative. She is a fresh presence on the scene and I appreciate her skill and the quality of the show that resulted."

David Garfinkel, Founder, World Copywriting Institute

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